What can we do in May and June?

May can be a difficult time in Geilo. We still have a lot of snow. We have tried to make it easier for you to find inspirasjon for walks and activities. The list is not complete and changing all the time, so take a look again when you arrive.

Trour suggestions
Ustedalsfjorden (10km) and Veslefjorden (5km) - a lot of water over the bridges, mostly covered with snow, possible to walk
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/ustedalsfjorden-rundt-enkel-rundtur_54986455

Revesporet (1.4km) and Slåttahølen (2km) - mostly covered with snow, possible to walk
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/rundtur-langs-slaattahoelen-kort-helaarstur_54986479

Gulsteinvegen - free of snow, nice to walk
Hallsteinsgardvegen - free of snow, nice to walk

Fabriksturen (10km) - a trip along three proud craft businesses on Geilo, the largest part free of snow
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/fabrikksturen-helaarstur_801803797

Energitrappa in Hol, 204 steps - unknown status
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/energitrappa-kort-treningstur_58657425

Hols centre tour (5km) - round tour from the old church up the farms and back along side the lake.
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/en/tour/centre-walk-hol-year-round_804934744

Holsfjorden (12km) - snow in the cross country slopes and forest
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/holsfjorden-rundt-enkel-tur_54986182

Kikutrunde (12km) - only possible on the road Gamle Skurdalsvegen
tour description: https://www.geilo.com/nb/tour/kikut-gaa-tur-faa-en-foelelse-av-den-flotte -the nature-that-surrounds-geilo%21_56749202

Hotel California - not possible
Urundberget via Geilohovda - not possible
Tufte to Urundberget - not possible
Pilvegen (5km) - not possible

Activities in May
Visit the Langedrag Naturpark with the five exotic animals from Norway, every day 10 to 18
Horse riding at Langedrag - 1 and 2 hour tours can be ordered via Langedrag.no
Husky meet & greet - booked via geilo.com
Fishing only in open water (remember fishing license GGFF)
Rafting in Dagali - from 18th of May, order via geilo.com

Activities from June
All the activities in May and the following:
Canyoning in Dagali - from 9th of June
Mountain Cart in Dagali - from the 8th of June
High and Low Climbing Park every Saturday in June
Canoe rental - from 1 June, ordered via geilo.com
Horse riding at Geilo - last week in June, booked via Geilo.com

Activity areas
Swimming pool Vestlia Resort - open contact the hotel
Children's playground at Vestlia Resort - open contact the hotel
Skatepark at Geilohallen - not free of snow
Football field - partly free of snow
Pumptrack at Vestlia not free of snow, jump lines and skill trails at Vestlia not free for snow
Play stand by the Geilojorde - nor free of snow
Spa and Bowling in Vestlia or Dr. Holms, booked directly at the hotels

Daytime activities
Day visit to Eidfjord above Hardangervidda, visit Vøringsfossen and Kjeåsen
Day visit to Flåm and Aurland, visiting the Flåm Railway and Stegastein
Day visit to Langedrag Nature Park, various activities possible
Art tour Geilo center with art at Cafe Mocca, Geilo Kulturkyrkje, Huldre forest and Vestlia Resort

Open eating places
Sofia's Restaurant and Bar - open for dinner 15 to 21, from the 1st of June from 12 to 21
Peppes Pizza - open for lunch and dinner
Omattgjort - open 3th of May, 10 &11. May and 25th of May, allergy friendly lunch and cake
Vestlia Restaurant - open for lunch and dinner
Dr. Holms - open for dinner
Cafe Mocca - open for lunch
Halne Fjellstue (rv 7) - open for lunch and dinner
Lia Fjellhotell (fv 40) - open for dinner at 19:00
Geilo Kultur Kyrkje - open tour cafe 11 to 15
Anno 2022 -
Smakeriet - closed
Highland Pizzeria - closed
Hallingstuene -
Hakkesetstølen - open from mid-June for lunch and dinner

Open mountain roads
Hakksetstølen - the road is open, payment with Vipps
Treervegen - open til Steintippen, payment cash
Holsåsen - open til the parking, payment by paypass.no
Verpestølen - from 1st of June
Prestholt - closed
Budalen - closed
Vedalen - closed
Tuva - closed
Seterdalen - closed
Grønsetlivegen - closed


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