Tour of Norway

Tour of Norway it's second race will end in Geilo. There are lots of places to stand and see the riders race and see them finish with Vestlia Resort.

Tour of Norway is six days of bike races through the whole of southern part of Norway. Below you see the race parts and places. Note that changes can occur.

From road 7 there is a safe pedestrian lane to stand on and see the riders passing by. At the bridge with the Spar supermarked you have a great view, wild nature and riders on the other side. Also on the Bakkestølvegen just before the finish line there is a safe pedestrian lane to stand on. Make your self a big lunch, grap a camping chair and have fun all day.

There will be lots of other activities going on in Geilo center for those with and without bike.

• 1. etappe, 24. mai: Bergen – Voss
• 2. etappe, 25. mai: Ulvik - Geilo
• 3. etappe, 26. mai: Gol – Gaustablikk
• 4. etappe, 27. mai: Hovden - Kristiansand
• 5. etappe, 28. mai: Flekkefjord - Sandnes
• 6. etappe, 29. mai: Stavanger - Stavanger

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