Sunday Ski- and Snowboard School - Geilo Skiskole/ Slaatta

Geilo Skiskole offers 70 mins ski- and snowboard lessons/ play every Sunday in the season.

Ski- and snowboard school for children between 4 -10 years old. The ski course is divided into different levels; 1, 2 and 3 after the students ability.

Level 1 - Beginner   

A beginner course, focused on play and fun. We teach the children to handle skis, slide, brake, turn and use the lift on the nursery slope.    

Level 2 - Some experience  

For children who can brake and turn on green trails. We develop the snow plough, turn and take the easy ski lift alone.     

Level 3 - Intermediate  

For children who can ski with good flow and controlled speed on various terrain and take longer lifts by themselves.   

The snowboard course is divided into 2 levels; beginner and intermediate.

Level 1 - Beginner     

Snowboard course for those who have never tried snowboarding before or for those who have difficulty with balance and cannot turn. 

Level 2 - Intermediate

You can take the lift, do linked turns on green/ blue slopes. We practise balance, edge control and technique. The goal is to master higher speeds and more difficult terrain.

The groups are tailored by age and level and starts at. 10.30 and / or 12.30. It is important that the child manages to be away from mum and dad during the course.    

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