Summer concerts in Hol

Every summer there are concerts in the old stav church in Hol. Every Tuesday.

Here follows the program.

4. juli kl. 20:00 - Elias Akselsen
Well-known, skilled singer with powerfull soprano voice

11. juli kl. 20:00 - Arne Anderdal & Jo Asgeir Lie
Round dance music (old-fashioned dance) as concert music is not everyday fare. When the music is also connected to the harding fiddle tradition in Hallingdal, it is even more difficult.

18. juli kl. 20:00 - Aasmund Nordstoga & Åsmund Reistad
Songwriter and farmer, old songs are freshened up again with new arrangements or new melodies, with good help from close music friends

25. juli kl. 20:00 - Elin Furubotn
Pop/jazz/folk music

1. august kl. 20:00 - Eirin Tveide Lilleslett fra Hovet og Andrea Søgne
Two local girls

Concert start : 20:00
Doors open : 19:30
Age : no age limits
Parkering : yes


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