Spark VM – a unique event

Spark World Championships - 29. January 2022

The Spark World Championships is an unique, kicksledding event in many ways. It is an informal, social, and traditional event. It’s based on one of the oldest means of transportation we know in this country, Sweden and in Finland. This engaged people in 1982 to create a populous and beloved winter carnival. Spark WC is one of the highlights in Geilo!



spark vm




Kl. 20.00 Spark Off with DJ Howard og Skotten at Off Pist! (20 years age limit). Distribution of start numbers, review of rules and party.


Kl. 11.00 - Kids Spark-VM.
Kl. 14.00 - Spark-VM.
Kl. 16.00 - After Spark - 90*s party with DJ Howard, Skotten and Infinity at Off Pist (20 years age limit).
Tickets to the Preparty and Afterparty are included in the participation ticket to the Spark VM. But only a ticket to the Afterparty can also be bought.


The content of the Spark VM has varied over the years, and the Spark VM appears today as a winter carnival. There are essentially 3 classes for adults and a separate Spark VM for children.

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Tickets to the Afterparty

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04 Feb - 10 Apr

Kicksled rental

Kicksled as a means of tansportation is both effective and fun! Now you can rent kicks at the…

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