Snowshoe rental at Vestlia Resort

Snowshoes for children and adults.


Available: November-May

Duration: 1 day

Age: From 4 years old.

Price: 100-250 per person

Price includes: Snowshoes and poles

Pick up/drop of point: Vestlia Resort Reseption (after 7am)

Contact information: Tel. +47 99349341 or e-mail: [email protected]


Snowshoe, price and size:

(1) Tubbs VRT Flex (Men shoe size (41-46), NOK 250 per day 

(2) Tubbs VRT Flex (lady shoe size 37-42), NOK 250 per day 

(3) Snowshoe 2 Tubbs Flex HKE (youth 10-15 years) shoe size 30-36, NOK 200 per day

(4) Snowshoe 1 Tubbs Flex Jr (child 6-11years), NOK 150 per day

(5) Snowshoe 0 Tubbs Snowglow (child 4-6 years), NOK 100 per day

Book online and fetch your snowshoes at Vestlia Resort. Vestlia is the perfect place to start you snowshoe trip. Stomp out into onto the lake or the nearby forests.

Its your responsibility to return the equipment in the condition you recieved it in. Please transport and store the snowshoes with the bindings closed (Boa button pressed down and tightened) and downsides (the "teeth") facing towards each other.

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