Snowmobile and rafting

Fun activity with snowmobile relay and snowrafting.


Start: Wednesday to Saturday at 16.30 and 18.00.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Bring: Good winter clothes. Feel free to bring your own ski helmet / goggles if you have.

Order deadline: 1 day before, 18:00.

Amount: Minimum 4 persons (minimum price 1 600). More then 10 people? Please contact Geilo Aktivitetssenter directly.

Age limit: From 16 years with valid certificate for car, motorcycle, tractor, moped or snowmobile.

Price includes: Snowmobiling and rafting

Meeting point: Stall Brusletto - Bruslettoveien 37.

Contact information: Mob. +47 90568305 / [email protected]

Welcome to the Geilo Activity Center at Stall Brusletto.

You will be divided into teams that run relay against each other at ideal time. This is done in our own area to maintain safety in the best possible way. It is a difficult trail so here you must consentrate. After snowmobiling, there will be rafting with two people in the ring behind the snowmobile.

Here it is important to have the best balance and stay longest on the ring.

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