Season opening Høyt & Lavt Climbing park Geilo

Høyt & Lavt climbing park offers unique trails for the whole family and Skarvetårnet climbing tower with exciting climbing routes and jumps. Together, they make up an absolutely awesome climbing offer!

Start the day early for the best experience! The timeslots starts at 11am, and all slots are inclusive Skarvetårnet.

Play and activity area
For the very little ones, we have free climbing frames, swings, a sandbox and other toys.

We are a sunflower brand
What is sunflower brand? It is a recognized symbol that you can choose to wear, like a wristband, to show those around you that you have an invisible disability. Not all disabilities are visible to those around them. That's why we have the sunflower-symbol in the climbing park, which is a ribbon we give out to those who want it. The ribbon is a discreet way of showing that you may need a little extra time, help or assistance from us who work in the climbing park.

Do you want a sunflower ribbon? Then you ask for it when you check in to the climbing park for the day. Ask us if we can help you with anything.

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park:
Open every Saturday in June: 10am-4pm

Geilo Summer Park, incl. Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park:
6.7 - 18.8: Every day: 10am-5pm
24.8 - 22.9: Saturdays & Sundays: 10am-4pm
28.9 - 12.10: Every day: 10am-5pm

Note: Lift based biking will not be available for week 41

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