Samegammene Hardangervidda

In the middle of the Hardangervidda along Rv7 you will find an idyllic place with a Sami gamme and lavvo. Gamme is an ancient, simple form of earth hut. 1160 meters above sea level, 37km from Geilo and with good parking. Typicall Norwegian goods are sold here, but not just souvenirs! Also self-produced fur hats and mittens. A lovely place for a break and to buy the best souvenirs and Norwegian products for your holiday!

We specialize in skins and fur products, so here you will find reindeer skins from Finnmark and Røros, sheep skins from Rogaland and self-produced fur hats and mittens.
As a 60-year-old fur company, we have unique expertise in an endangered industry. We will continue to fight for "real" goods with long traditions in Norwegian history to continue to be preserved, used and further developed.

Amund Johnsen from Hamarøy in Nordland had a small reindeer herd left from before the war, but due to bad times after the war, he had to sell the herd and move south. He took his family with him and moved to Skurdalen on the Hardangervidda, where Sigurd Fossgård offered him a job as a reindeer herder in the Dagali.
Amund injured himself one winter and he changed his work and startet focus on tourism instead. He built several gamme on the Hardangervidda, and sold Sami products and souvenirs in the summer. In collaboration with hotels in Geilo, Amund picked up tourists with reindeer and sledges, drove them to the Ustedalsfjord for a sightseeing tour. One of the daughters, Ingrid, took over the company of the Sami Gamme in the late 60s, and continued selling Sami products and souvenirs to tourists until 2017, when she sold the operation on.
We have restored the gamme and brought the operation into the 21st century, in honor of Amund Johansen.

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