Rachel Brownbridge - mentor, guide & thought leader

• Yoga • Mentoring/coaching • Reiki • Different types of massage

I represent a uniquely curated approach founded on effectivity, intelligence and intuition; holistically combining the pioneering Lyt® yoga method, Yoga Nidra and Compassionate discovery.

Together, regenerative neuro-developmental movement, Yoga Nidra (non-sleep deep rest), & a compassionate deep dive into root cause, mean no stone is left un turned. Connecting the dots welcomes an innovative and wholesome approach of reframing & rewiring fundamental systems of the body-brain connection.

I’m proud to present this one-of-a-kind approach born from a life of curiosity & determination to improve the wellbeing for all. My work bridges the gaps to help you bring more joy, clarity & energy into your life.
Connecting with me through my offerings is the best way to embark on your personal journey.



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