Vandring Halnekongen Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda National Park

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Northern Europe's largest

Hardangervidda nasjonalpark er den største nasjonalparken i fastlands-Norge med sine 3422 km2 fordelt på fylkene Hordland, Buskerud og Telemark.

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in mainland Norway with its 3422 km2 distributed in the counties of Hordland, Buskerud and Telemark.
To the west, the national park includes areas belonging to the municipalities of Odda, Ullensvang and Eidfjord, to the east Hol and Nore and Uvdal, and to the southeast Tinn and Vinje. The national park was established in 1981, and half of the area is on private land.

The Hardangervidda stretches over 8600 km2 over Buskerud, Telemark and Hordaland. The plateau is the largest in Northern Europe. Hardangervidda invites to great walks both summer and winter. DNT's well-marked trails take you to seven serviced and five self served tourist cabins in the National Park. Traces of human use of nature are prominent on the Hardangervidda, with several old trailers and roads, hunting grounds, settlements, Norwegian "buer og støler" 

The Hardangervidda is easily accessible from many angles. Highway 7 runs right by the border of the National Park and makes it easy to take a short or long walk. Otherwise, Tuva and Dagali-seterdalen are good starting points for trips along the Hardangervidda.

A visit to Hardangervidda National Park is fantastic, but remember that you do not necessarily have to be within the National Park boundary to feel the plateau on your body! The entire plateau offers great nature experiences and views.

An important intention with the National Park was to secure the areas for the wild reindeer population that are Europe's largest. Here the wild reindeer can still make natural migrations without too great obstacles.


Plant and animal life

The Hardangervidda National Park is considered the southern boundary for several Arctic plants and animals, especially mountain foxes and snowy owls. Within the National Park we also find rich plant life and an animal and bird life with many species. In addition, the Hardangervidda is known for its many trout lakes and watercourses with a rich fishing.

Facts about Hardangervidda National Park

  • Created April 10, 1981
  • The National Park itself is about 3422 km2
  • Habitat of Europe's largest wild reindeer tribe
  • Sandfloegga is the highest peak at 1721 masl. The characteristic peak Hårteigen is 1690 masl.

National Park Center 

There are two National Park centers for the Hardangervidda. Hardangervidda National Park Center at Skinnarbu in Tinn and the Norwegian Nature Center in Eidfjord.

At Skinnarbu is also the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center, a competence center that will promote the conservation and sustainable management of wild reindeer populations and wild reindeer mountains in Norway.


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