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Hallingskarvet National Park


Hallingskarvet National Park

The mountain masses of Hallingskarvet rests on the surrounding plains, with steep cliffs toward the north and south, and the Folarskardnuten summit towering at the top, at 1,933 meters elevation.

Between the craggy mountain plateau, and the lush area surrounding it, you will find the characteristic, steep edge that has given the name to the Hallingskarvet: Skarv means, “bare mountains.”

If you visit the Hallingskarvet, you can find the trail where the hare hops, or follow the sound of the wind that blows down from the Skarv. You can follow trails that others have gone up before you, or just wander without anyone showing you the way. During the winter, you can follow miles of marked tracks or prepared tracks that keep you going the right way, or make your own ski tracks. The marked trails during the summer, take you from cabin to cabin through the mountain pass and lush slopes.

The several hundred-meter-high slopes that characterize the Hallingskarvet are almost impregnable, but the mountain plateau is not untouched after hard years. The deep bottoms that cut in from the north side show the tooth of time. The erosion has resulted in the hard gneiss at the Hallingskarvet stands alone, rising above the surrounding plateau.

Life in the mountains is hard. However, some have learned to tackle the conditions. All year-round, the wild reindeer wander and look for grazing, and the issoleia (glacier buttercup) turns to face the sun to collect light and heat.

A marked trail from the Prestholtseter takes you up on the plateau, with a view of the Hallingdal valley, the Hardangervidda plateau, and in clear weather, all the way to the Gaustatoppen mountain.

The Hallingskarvet mountains are easily accessible, also for families with children. Take the environmentally friendly variant when you visit the Hallingskarvet mountains: The train tracks for the Bergen rail line almost touches the border of the national park.

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Facts about the Hallingskarvet National Park

  • Hallingskarvet National Park was established in 2006 and has an area of 450 km2.
  • The highest point is the Folarskardnuten at 1,933 meters elevation.
  • Folarskardnuten is also the highest point in the county of Viken.
  • The plateau is around 35 km long and varies in width from 1-5 km.
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