MinBesteVenn's vision is to be the market's most innovative pet store chain by focusing on quality products and knowledgeable salespeople.

MyBesteVenn's mission is to ensure that our best friends get a healthy, long, fresh and active life.

MinBesteVenn leads the market's best quality nutrition products; Eukanuba, Applaws, Vom and Dog Food.

At MinBesteVenn you will find a full range from Non-Stop Dogwear and Hunter. MinBesteVenn also has a rich selection from Puppia, Hurtta, Baggen and Ruffwear. Within care products you will find an assortment similar to that offered at animal clinics, from Aptus, Trikem, Colonel Omega 3 and Petosan. In fur care you can buy Dezynadog, a care series without chemicals. Andis products can also be purchased at a very favorable price.

My Best Friend is aware of the challenges our friends need mentally, you want to find quality toys from Kong, Starmark, Nina Ottesen.

Snack products from Norwegian producer Dalsgård, a large selection from Delisnack and dried fish from the lofoten.

In addition, the pet shop has a basic range for horses, rodents, birds and aquariums.

Welcome to MinBesteVenn's great shop in Geilo!


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