Langedrag - Meet the wolf Nare

A magical meeting with the little wolf Nare!

For most people, meeting a wolf is a magical experience. Getting to know its distinct characteristics and uniqueness, experiencing the differences and similarities between wolves and dogs. By visiting Nare, you can gain insight into what happened thousands of years ago when humans first took wolves as their initial domesticated animals, eventually naming them dogs.


Entrance to Langedrag Nature Park: A visit with the wolf pup requires an entrance ticket at Langedrag. You can book it here:

Please contact the reception to determine the meeting point.

Age Limit: 10 years. Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Rules for Entry to Nare:

  • Clothing should not have fur trims. Wear a jacket without fur or leather.
  • Boots without fur trims or leather, etc.
  • Hats without pom-poms or long, dangling strings.
  • Mittens/gloves should be tucked into pockets during the visit.
  • Bringing food or treats into Nare is not allowed.
  • Avoid wearing strong perfume.

Nare's Story:

Would you like to meet the wolf pup Nare? Wolf Nare was born on May 16. When Langedrag, along with a veterinarian, went in to chip the wolf pups of Sigyn and Loke, they discovered that he had a severe infected wound. It was clear that this was life-threatening, and to provide him with help, they had to take him out.

Nare was only 16 days old at that time. Nare's wound has healed well, and we are now actively socializing him to lead a fearless life as a wolf at Langedrag.

Langedrag's goal is for all animals to be more than just creatures behind a fence. Our animals should have trust that creates safety and well-being and thus lead a good life alongside us humans.

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