Langedrag horseback - 1 hour

Available from August: An hour's ride on Norway's national horse, "fjordingen" in Langedrag's beautiful nature, 1000 m above sea level - About 45 minutes from Geilo. Including entrance ticket !


Organiser: Langedrag, about 45 minutes' drive from Geilo.

Age limit: Anyone over 12 can ride alone. If you are under 12 and not particularly experienced, you must be lead by an adult over 18, or by someone over 16 with horse experience. If you wish to pay for an employee at Langedrag, this must be agreed directly with Langedrag well in advance of the trip. Price for rent is NOK. 200 per tenant.

Meeting place: Meeting outside the stables in Langedrag.

Important: Horse riding on Langedrag including entrance ticket

This riding tour is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy nature from horseback. The tours are adapted to the seasons and in the summer the tour will start from the farm, go via dirt roads where you get to know your horse before ending over the old saddle ramparts where you can try your hand at riding off-road - up hills and through streams! This riding trip gives a good feeling of mastery and is a perfect riding trip for the whole family, group of friends or as team building!

This is what you need in terms of equipment:

  • Riding helmet/bicycle helmet - can also be borrowed from us
  • Shoes with a heel, e.g. rubber boots or hiking boots.
  • Dress according to the weather

This is how the tour is carried out:

Meet at the stables at Langedrag 5-10 minutes before your ride starts. Here you will meet one of the employees. If you have questions about equipment, want to know about horses or need to borrow a helmet, you will get help with this. The guides will hear a bit about riding experience, before you are given horses. A small overview of how the trip is carried out before you move out onto the riding course. Here you will get help to get on the horses.

A small introduction is carried out on the riding track, with how to start, stop and turn the horses. Then it's off on a trip where you can enjoy the feeling of the horses working under you, the nature and everything you will see along the way!

The trip is carried out in steps with the possibility of some trotting. Your guide will of course be available for help and questions throughout the tour.

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