Langedrag dogsledding - short trip

Dog sledding tour at Langedrag, approx. 45 min from Geilo. A great family activity in combination with a trip to Langedrag!


Organiser: Langedrag, about 45 minutes' drive from Geilo.

Age limit: All children can participate, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting place: Meet outside the dog yard towards the elk, below the parking lot. Follow the signs. Meet 5-10 minutes before the scheduled tour.

Langedrag Nature Park: Dog sledding at Langedrag does not require an entrance ticket, but we would strongly recommend visiting Langedrag if you make the trip. Entrance tickets can be purchased here.

This trip is perfect as a first trip to get a feel for what a wonderful experience dog sledding is, or if you have small children with you who love dogs and dog sledding.

On all trips, if the handler see it as safe, you choose for yourself whether you want to drive or sit on the sled. There is a driver and 1-3 (if small children) passengers in the sled per team. The handler drives the first team and guides you safely through the trail. Please note that children cannot drive the dogsled alone. There must be at least 1 adult per 1-2 children.

The tour starts from the dog farm and takes you between the moose farms in Langedrag. Here you will most likely meet some curious moose that come along on the inside of the fence.

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