Ladies only cross country skiing course. Classic technique

We believe that learning and practising (new) skills works best in a positive, including and supporting environment. No stress, no pressure, no unachievable demands. This is why we organise a "women only course".Do you enjoy cross country skiing, haven't really thought a lot about technique or simply want to learn more about it then this is for you! 

Duration: 1,5h

Age: teenagers, adults, seniors

Bring: cross country skis (prepared for the day), poles, adequate clothing

Price: 450,- (20% discount for locals/ residents of Hallingdal - send text message to Nina to receive code for discount).

Meet: 6pm = 18.00 at Geilohallen

Get in touch: Geilo Aktiv (99349341)

Balance, flow, rhythm, elegance.

How to go faster with less effort?

Why is there a clacking noise when I get tired?

Is it always the skis fault if I miss grip?

This course is for all girls and ladies who enjoy cross country skiing, self learned to intermediate level.

Not for professional cc-skiers.

Expect a social session with practising, learning and room for laughter. Bring your female friends, your mother, aunty, teenage daughter...

We practise in the area around Geilohallen so everyone can ski at their on pace.

Nina Gässler is educated sports teacher and certified ski instructor with many years of experience.

She also offers private lessons for individuals or groups.

Note: limited amount of places and courses available.

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