The Tourist Information

The Tourist Information is centrally located in the Geilo village center, about a one-minute walk from Geilo train station. At the Tourist Information, we help you with practical information, trip suggestions, maps and other related questions you may have. 


Tourist information - opening hours and contact information

At the Tourist Information, you can get tips and advice for trips in the area and mountains, both summer and winter. Do you have related questions about Geilo and surrounding areas, need inspiration, brochures and maps, or are you looking for souvenirs, stamps and postcards? Then you are welcome to drop by.

At the Tourist Information you can also explore the Hallingskarvet National Park through an interactive 3D model.

The Tourist Information is also on Facebook and Instagram.


The Tourist Information can also be found on Facebook, where exciting information, suggestions for trips and ski-track reports are posted. You can also contact us there. If you want to see photos of Geilo, activities, and get inspiration, we also have an Instagram page.

Free Wifi

At the Tourist Information, you can connect to wifi, completely free.

Other Local Tourist Offices

In addition to the Tourist Information in the center of Geilo, you will also find local information at the following companies?

Hol Tourist Info

Hol Tourist Info
FV 50 Highway, Direction Aurland
Hol Ysteri local food outlet
Tel: +47-992 74 157

Dagali Tourist Info

FV 40 Highway, Direction Kongsberg
Joker Dagali
Tel: +47-32 09 37 14

Åpningstider og veibeskrivelse (kommer)

Haugastøl Tourist Info

RV7 highway, Direction Bergen
Haugastøl Tourist Center
Tel: +47-32 08 75 64