Hallingskarvet National Park and Hardangervidda National Park

Geilo is a National Park Village and is the gateway to two national parks:  Hallingskarvet National Park and Hardangervidda National Park.

Geilo is located in Hol Municipality, in the region of the Hallingdal valley in Viken County. Hol is a typical mountain municipality where most of the area is above 900 elevation. Hallingskarvet (1,933 meters elevation) is the highest point in the municipality. The lowest point is at about 445 meters elevation.

In Hol Municipality, we find Geilo, which is located in a small valley, midway between the national parks. With Hardangervidda to the south and Hallingskarvet to the north.


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Vandring Halnekongen Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda is a high mountain plateau, which, in addition to being a fantastic hiking area, also has Norway's largest national park. The area is important as a habitat for the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe, and is the southernmost outpost for arctic foxes, snowy owls, and many species of arctic plants and animals. Hardangervidda is a popular hiking destination in summer and winter.

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Hallingskarvet National Park

Hallingskarvet is a very characteristic landscape element, with many nice trails, ski tracks, and versatile hiking opportunities. The terrain in the south is varied with gentle hills in the south to the high plateau at the top of the Hallingskarvet. Rock slides and bare mountain rock on Skarvet mean that only low, hardy vegetation such as glacier buttercup can cling here. Further down, with a warmer climate and rich soil around the mountains, there is a rich and varied mountain flora.

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The national parks offer some of the country's best nature and hiking experiences.

Marked trails take you in and out of the parks, both on foot and in winter with skis on your feet. Here you can walk and ski from cabin to cabin, stop at serving cabins to replenish energy and enjoy the wonderful plateau.

Vandring - hiking - geilo


Recommended trips, maps and areas. In Geilo, you will find hiking trails that are suitable for everyone, with a panoramic view of the Norwegian...

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Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing

One of the best areas in Norway for cross-country skiing with 500 kilometers of groomed trails, both in the valleys and on the mountain plateaus....

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Catering and accommodation cabins in the mountains

The dining and accommodation cabins in the mountains are good starting points and hiking destinations for those who want to explore nature in...

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Hakkesettstolen Fjellstugu and Cabins

From cabin to cabin

Get close to the raw Norwegian nature and experience the national park from the front row. The plateau is a paradise for hiking and nature experiences,...

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