Ice bathing

A nice suprise for your body and mind.


Duration: 30 minutes per group.

Suitable for: Suitable for everyone (with some restrictions, see guidelines below).

Bring: Warm clothes and good footwear. Wool socks (for swimming), mittens and a hat.

Price includes: Bathroom, campfire and hot chocolate.

Meeting place: Ustaoset

Parking: next to Joker/the petrol station. Parking fee is paid to the patrol station.

Contact information: [email protected] or tel. 416 36 579

This is probably the coldest thing you can do in the mountains. We call it a wonderful shock for body and soul - it is also incredibly fun. Winter night guarantees an unforgettable experience combined with high security. When the howls of joy and the outbursts of laughter have subsided, there will be hot drinks by the fire.

7 tips for avid ice bathers:

  • Never bath alone
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Maximum 5 minutes in the water
  • Wear a wool hat
  • Have warm clothes ready
  • Remember hot drinks
  • Heart problems? Stay ashore

Do you want ice swimming for a larger private group? Contact bath master Hilde in Vinternatt contact information can be found above.

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