Horseback riding - 2 hours (Winter-Spring)

ON REQUEST: Mid October-June. A fun and challenging experience.


Duration: Approximately 1,5-2 hours 

Price includes: Horseback riding + helmet rental. 

Age limit: Minimum 12 years, children with previous experience may be a bit younger. Spring horseback is not for beginners. Our Icelandic horses want you to have a maximum of 90 kg, otherwise, we also have bigger horses that will carry riders over 90 kg. Please let Geilo Hestesenter know if this is your situation in advance. 

Bring: Gloves and clothes that suits the weather. 

Meeting place: Geilo Hestesenter, Stølsvegen 15. 

Order deadline: 2 days before 21.00. If the order deadline has expired, please contact Geilo Hestesenter.

Contact information: [email protected] or +47 906 43 545

Join Geilo Hestesenter on a ride with their dole- or Islandic horses. If you prefer a certain breed, please let Geilo Hestesenter know in advance. This tour is only for guests with previous experience from horseback riding. It’s a challenge to ride on vary surface. The horses are eager due to the cold weather, and the gait becomes a but uneven as they can walk through and slide a bit. 

If you want – you are welcome to join in grooming and saddling the horses before the trip. 

Please enter experience and age when ordering. 

2. Ride a little and have previous experience.

3. Has ridden a lot with good experience.

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