Hel-V Bente chooses to be here for you 100%: Coaching - lifestyle - Welness

Bente, which owns and operates Hel-V, offers classical massage, aroma massage,
massage therapy with training guidance and coaching / guidance / conversation.
She has several irons in the fire, and continues to study both as a massage therapist for, among other things, trigger point treatment and PNF stretching, holistic therapist and stress counselor.

For Bente it is important to see the person as a whole, and how everything is connected, and she is passionate about finding the opportunities and resources together with her customers, for lasting results.

At Hel-V you will also find good skin and body products from Marina Miracle, Maria Åkerberg and Nordic Organic / Green Spirit. Do you want to buy products call-write sms or email, and we can arrange a time for collection and payment.

There are no ordinary opening hours at Hel-V, as Bente chooses to be 100% present for you, and dedicates her time to you who receive treatment. It is therefore closed during treatments. But it is possible to make an appointment for a look and a chat. Bente is very available on sms and messenger. Do you want to know more ?
Take a look at her Facebook page: Hel-V, Coaching Lifestyle Wellness or get in touch!

Look for her video which has been Worlds Best Massage video in 2021 here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BGsqT6JpUKA


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