Hardangervidda Kiteraces - Ørteren

15th to 17th of March on the Hardangervidda, Vasstulan by road number 40 13th and 14th of April on the Hardangervidda, Ørteren lake close by road number 7

Snowkite Race Weekend. 3-5 races.
Vasstulan 1100 will be the base. Max 100 participants.
We will arrange several Two laps races and a 3h-Race. Separate result list for the two different races.

Social evening at Vasstulan 1100, Saturday evening. Dinner included in the starting fee.

Organized by the individual.
Possible to rent cabins or flats from Vasstulan.no and Torsetlia Fjellstue
A dedicated area for camper vans and tents will be organized on the northern side on the big parking spot at Vasstulan 1100.

Foil and tube kite classes
Ski. You can use snowboard, but it must be a splitboard. You will participate in a ski class. 5 or more with splitboard, we will set up a snowboard class.
Remember if no wind. We are not organizing any transport to and from the start area or anyplace in the race area. You must be able to ski back.

You can participate in either the 12-Hour Race or the One Lap Race. Single or as a team. Max 100 participants.
Join us for a nice weekend at Ørtern. The early birds start their long 12 h day at 07:00. The One Lap Race start 11:00.
Find a friend and join as a team if you are not so experienced.

Accommodation and food:
Organized by the individual.
Possible to stay overnight at Haugastøl Turistsenter and Halne Fjellstugu
Tent or campervan van works great. We will have a social evening in the tent camp Saturday after the 12 h race. Campfire and good stories.

We are on site from Friday and building a tent camp and starting area.
Remember that you need to be able to take care of yourself in case of bad weather.

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