Geilo Dogsledding on the Ustedalsfjorden

Geilo Dog sledding offers two types of tours in the Ustedalsfjord, the big lake in the middle of the valley.

The trips are 5 or 10 km long, starting at Geilo Beach, and each dog team has two sleds. By driving with two sleds, you as a guest will have the opportunity to get the feeling of driving a large team, while at the same time safety is well taken care of by an experienced dog handler standing on the sled at the back. If you don't want to stand on the sledge, you can choose to sit nice and warm in the sledge, and enjoy the trip on the scenic Ustedalsfjord behind the four-legged heroes.

The 5 km trip takes approx. 20-25 minutes and the 10 km trip takes approx. 40-50 minutes depending on weather and driving conditions.

We also offer tours on Hardangervidda on request.

You may book through Contact information: [email protected], or via SMS/phone +47 97630952 after 16:00.

About Geilo Dogsledding
Geilo Dogsledding is a small family business that has 20 well-trained and beautiful Alaskan Huskies. We have been involved in dog sledding for many years, and it has always been important to us to have a good dog team. We train our dogs primarily for competitive driving, but at the same time want to offer dog driving to Geilo's guests. This means that more people will have the opportunity to gain an insight into what life as a dog walker can be like.

We follow current national and local guidelines in terms of infection prevention, and encourage guests to have good hygiene routines.


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