Hakkesettstolen Fjellstugu and Cabins

From cabin to cabin

På vei til Skjerja

Get close to the plateau

In Geilo and the surrounding area, you can get up close to the raw Norwegian nature and experience the national park from the front row.

The plateau is a paradise for hiking and nature experiences, and it is popular to walk from cabin to cabin on the plateau. Many of the cabins are serviced and offer accommodation with delicious serving of local produce. The cabins are great stops for replenishment of energy, hiking destinations and a starting point for trips into the national parks.

Check out each cabin for details on opening hours, accommodation, service and food service before setting out on a trip to visit.

Remember to update yourself on the weather, always check the weather forecast and pack plenty of clothes before you set out on a trip. As a good mountain rule, you should never leave rubbish and waste in nature, everything you take with you to nature should be taken back to waste / rubbish bins. We, nature and wildlife really appreciate that!

Catering and accommodation cabins in the mountains

Remember to refresh your memory with the mountain code rules before setting out on a trip. There's no shame in turning around!


Food service in the mountains in summer

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The Norwegian Mountain Code

The norwegian mountain code, a set of nine advice prepared by the Norwegian Tourist Association and the Norwegian red cross!

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