Fat Viking 2023

Fat Viking is a winter ultra enduranse event on fatbikes.

Race distances are 150km, 100km and 50km.
All distances start together.

The race course runs on snowmobile tracks, dogsledding trails, snowcovered roads and cross country skiing trails around Geilo, Skurdalen and Dagali. The routes for 2022 will see some changes to keep you on your toes and to show you more of the beautiful area.

Checkpoints are inside a heated building where basic food (oatmeal) is offered along with the opportunity to rest. Several "bail out options" along the route are available in case of emergency/ abandoning the race.

Fat Viking is a non-commercial Geilo IL (Geilo Sports Club) event organized by the "Fat Viking Society". It is organized without getting paid - for the love of the sport.

Fat Viking 150 is an official qualifying race for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.
Those who manage to cover the full distance in less than 36h are qualified for the Iditarod Trail Invitational 130 miles in Alaska.

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