Norsk Matglede - Norwegian Food Festival

Saturday 8 October 2022 is the big market day.

Geilo hosts one of Norway's most important food events! With a focus on small-scale production, organic ingredients and short-traveled food, the food festival has consolidated its position as a mediator of Norwegian and local food traditions! We are proud to be able to invite you to a food festival at Geilo.


Welcome to the food festival at Geilo!

Geilo is the arena for one of Norways most important food events

// FOOD SQUARE IN THE CENTER // At the festival we can tempt you with a wide selection of exhibitors, both local food producers with meat, fish and sweets, but also organic vegetables, honey and cheese. And of course, exhibitors with kitchen accessories. There are also rooms for art, crafts and photography exhibitors. The big market day is Saturday 8 October 2022, but some exhibitors are already coming from Thursday and throughout the week there will be different types of activities in the city centre.

The local shops run a competition where you can win nice pizes. Everyone who shops in one of the stores with a competition poster is in the draw for great prizes, like gift cards from the store.
Otherwise, the stores are overflowing with goods and good offers.

Geilo is a Sustainable Travel Destination, Visit Geilo AS is an Environmental Lighthouse Company and this event is a Green Event!