Easter at SkiGeilo

Welcome to the easter celebration at Geilo! Here you can find all of the activities happening in the ski resort during the holiday.

Friday 08.04
15:30 EveningSkiing in Vestlia
17:00 ChildrensDisco with Ihuga Event in Trollklubben
17:00 Taco in Vestlia Skikafé

Saturday 09.04
07:30 SunriseSkiing in Vestlia
11:00 EasterTour in Havsdalen
14:00 SkiGeilo KidsRace in Vestlia
15:00 90's Afterski at Havsdalskroa
17:00 Afternoon Tea at Kikut Mat & Vinstue

Sunday 10.04
11:00 EasterTour event in Havsdalen throughout the day

Monday 11.04
10:45 Group ski school starting for the week in Vestlia
12:00 SkiGeilo CostumeRace in the Music slope, Halstensgård

Wednesday 13.04
15:00 Afterski with Staysman and friends at Havsdalskroa
16:00 Family trip with sledding at Slaatta
17:00 Geilo Grand Prix Race at Geilosiden

Thursday 14.04
07:30 SunriseSkiing in Halstensgård
10:00 Pur Vinterglede Easter special in Vestlia
14:00 SkiGeilo KidsRace in Havsdalen
14:30 Costume Race and afterski for the kids at Slaatta
15:00 Afterski with Soppgirobygget at Havsdalskroa

Friday 15.04
07:30 SunriseSkiing in Halstensgård
11:00 Carving Clinic with SkiCoach at Slaatta
11:00 Gate training for kids at Slaatta
12:00 Geilos Biggest Easter Party at Kikut
15:00 Jump and rail ski session at Slaattaparken
15:30 EveningSkiing at Vestlia and Kikut, until 19:00

Saturday 16.04
14:00 SkiGeilo KidsRace at Kikut
14:30 The Golden Egg Hunt - an Easter Adventure on skis at Slaatta
15:00 Afterski with Joachim Jølle at Havsdalskroa

Sunday 17.04
14:00 SkiGeilo Ski Race in Vestlia


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