A day at Gurostølen

Rueslåtten Dairy is part of Ostebygda and produces six different cheeses. Two of them have won bronze medals at the World Cheese Awards and several medals at the Norwegian Farm Cheese Championships.

A day at Gurostølen

Join us for a workday at Gurostølen! First, the cows are brought in on foot and led back to the farm. During the walk, you will be informed about the different cow breeds, the history of Gurostølen, the cultural and mountain landscape, and much more. Back at the farm, it is time for milking, and then we will make cheese - together with you.

The tour is being arranged for the very first time during the National Park Days 2024, on Sunday 28th, Monday 29th, and Tuesday 30th of July. If you wish to book a tour outside these dates, please contact Jarle and Rakel Rueslåtten to discuss the possibilities.


Duration: 4 hours

Age limit: No fixed age limit, but children must be accustomed to the mountains and able to walk a distance in rough terrain.

Bring: Good hiking shoes and clothes suitable for the weather, possibly a set of clean clothes for the trip home. It is not possible to bring dogs.

Meeting place: Gurostølen at Raggsteinvegen 52, Hovet

Time: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Contact information: [email protected], phone +47 41512318

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