Christmas consert with Moddi

Consert in the Geilo Kulturkyrkje with Moddi on the 10th of December at 19:00.

Pål Moddi Knutsen is known to many as the voice of Christmas itself, after the young late-Java yearling in 2011 was handpicked by Crown Prince Haakon to sing the Northern Norwegian Christmas carol during the Castle's Christmas concert.

Moddi's songs have become common property in thousands of homes. For the winter, Moddi releases his first proper Christmas album, with upcoming classics for the Christmas lovers among us - and for those who have a more measured relationship with the month of December.

"I myself find it difficult to find peace in all the stress and the pressure of expectations," says Moddi about the upcoming album. "I wanted to make a Christmas record that is more down-to-earth, more about what I wish Christmas was about. About finding each other again after a long and hectic year. About breathing out and belonging where you are. I think there are more people than just me who need that."

On the stage
Pål Moddi Knutsen - guitar, accordion, singing
Katrine Schiøtt - cello, singing
Sverre Laupstad - piano, singing


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