Pre-Christmas Concert in Geilo


Do you want to feel the Christmas spirit, or maybe you just need a little refill? Geilo Kulturkirke have two great concerts before Christmas. Helene Bøksle had her christmas concert the 26th of November. I December you get the chance to experience a legende in the Norwegian music industry. Bjørn Eidsvåg has a concert in Geilo Kulturkirke on the 18th of December.


Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle

Saturday the 26th of November, at 18.00 in Geilo Kulturkyrkje.

Helene Bøksle has one of Norway's most beautiful voices, and her traditional Christmas concert has been played for full houses over a decade. The concert is beautiful, personal and you are guaranteed to get in the Christmas spirit with classic Christmas carols such as "Deilig er jorden", "O helga natt" and "Tenn lys". The concert is inspired by her critically acclaimed Christmas record "Det hev ei rose sprunge", which has become a modern Christmas classic and the title of her Christmas tour.

Look forward to an unforgettable Christmas concert!

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Bjørn Eidsvåg with Band

Sunday the 18th of Desember, at 17.00 in Geilo Kulturkirke.

Few artists are as popular as Bjørn Eidsvåg. After half a century in the music industry, he stands as a pillar in Norwegian music history. Even after a long and solid career, he is still relevant and able to renew his musical expression.

His background as a priest and work in psychiatry has largely influenced his songs, but also his ability to communicate them. Countless Norwegians have a close relationship with the songs, such as "Eg Ser" and "Skyfri himmel". The close and painful themes are also reflected in Bjørn's concerts through personal stories that bear the stamp of both seriousness and humor. Bjørn has a unique ability to get close to his audience, and this is where the music and stories shine the most.

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bjørn eidsvåg

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