Avalanche course at Storestølen Mountain Hotel

This course is a valuable investment for those who want to learn more about finding good snow and acquiring safe mountain navigation skills.

Surrounded by mountain peaks, the mountain lodge offers ski-in, ski-out access to more than 12 trails. Located near Hallingskarvet National Park, we have a breathtaking view that will leave you in awe!

Information about the course:
We cover topics such as ski equitment and avalanche gear, including their importance and how to use them.
Trip planningm orientation, map reading, route selection, and more.
Skiing techniques for both uphill and downhill.
General avalanche knowledge, snow assessment, slope evaluation, and the correct use of avalanche equipment.
We spend two full days in the beautiful nature surrounding the hotel.

The course starts at 18:00 on Friday and ends around 14:00 on Sunday.

Available dates: March 1.-3., and March 8.-10.


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