Aking dagali fjellpark


Dagali Fjellpark offers lift-based tobogganing at Norway's longest, groomed, toboggan run!
The ski lift takes you all the way to the top, so you can speed down the hill consisting of many turns and straight stages

Dagali Fjellpark has specially-built sleds that can reach a speed of around 70 kilometers per hour under the right conditions! Sleds, helmets, goggles, and lift passes are all included in the rental - so all you have to do is gather the gang and come for some fast-paced fun on the slopes! The age limit is 12 years, or 10 years with an adult, and you only drive 1 person per sled. At the bottom of the toboggan run you can warm up inside the ski cafe with a cup of cocoa and some snacks.


Rental of Snowracer / Sled at Slaatta Ski Center

At Slaatta Ski Center, you can rent a Snowracer or sled. Take it to the cabin or hotel to sled in the afternoon or evening under magical lighting. Set up your own slope and have a competition with family or friends. Tobogganing is suitable for the very youngest children who can sit by themselves. On the Snowracer, there is room for a small child and an adult, alternatively two children. It is not allowed to use a Snowracer on the ski slopes, due to safety. Feel free to ask at the reception for a suitable place for tobogganing in Geilo.


Tobogganing in Skurdalen

Lia Fjellhotell offers tobogganing for all ages at its own ski center right outside the doorstep of the hotel. The toboggan run is over 1,000 meters long, with its own ski lift.


Toboggan Run with ATV Transport

Geilo Horse Center offers sledding for groups with ATV transport. Here you can try sledding mats and sledding bags that provide speed and fun. It is a great experience for both adults and children. The horse center has floodlights, so sledding in the afternoon-evening is no problem. There are also music facilities in the arena to create a proper atmosphere. Tobogganing with ATV transport is only carried out on request. Contact Geilo Horse Center directly for more information.

Aking dagali fjellpark