Ustedalsfjorden skøytebane

Ice Skates and Ice Rink

It is fun to go ice skating and with several world champions born in Hol municipality, there is of course an offer for everyone. There are both landscaped tracks belonging to sports teams and frozen mountain lakes where you can go ice skating.

Hol municipality has fostered some of the world's best skaters, including Håvard and Hege Bøkko, the brothers Rukke, Ådne Søndrål and Kristian Solland Reinton. Recently, the Sleeking brothers from the Netherlands have also joined forces. Settled in the municipality to do what they do best: go ice skating.

Hol Skøytebane

Skating rink Hol

Hol Idrettslag has a track located just after Hol center. Here, ice is made on a voluntary basis, and various children's activities and trainings are arranged, including every Thursday evening and during holidays. Come and try yourself on the ice where the world champions have trained countless hours. A financial contribution is welcome for the sports team.

Flood lighting
On Thursday evenings and on weekends, the course is plowed as needed. The light is on from 15.00 to 21.00. On Friday evenings, it is light from 16.00 to 22.00

Rental of skates
It is possible to rent skates via Hol IL, daily price NOK. 50 per pair. Recommends ordering in advance via Hol Idrettslag Facebook page, by email: [email protected] or by phone +47 953 38 875.

The ice rink has easy access from county road 50. From Geilo you drive in the direction of Oslo to Hagafoss. Here, choose the direction Aurland for approx. 4.5 km / 5 minutes (by the red church and Kiwi shop). The ice rink can be found on the right side. Parking is available at the sports hall of Hol IL. From Geilo the trip is 15 km / 15 minutes

Skating rink at Ustedalsfjorden

At Ustedalsfjorden, it is an open air ice rink on the lake. The course is marked with sticks and ribbons, and only within the marked area is it safe. Off the field you need a helmet, ice spikes and you should not walk alone. The ice rink is made with volunteer hours from enthusiasts. Vestlia Resort has contributed equipment, and is responsible for renting out skates. Link to SkateGeilo and more information can be found below. You can reach the track from the car park at Geilo Badestrand or from Vestlia Resort. Unfortunately, the ice rink is exposed to harsh weather. Contact Vestlia Resort for more information.

1st March: Temporary closed due to safety reasons.

Skate Geilo and skate rental
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Football cage: 
In Geilo, there is a football cage at Geilo Hallen that will be turned into an ice rink during the winter season. Unfortunately there is no ice this winter season (2022). Ice rink is made on a voluntary basis. This is a small area with a short distance from both the city center and the cross-country stadium.

Nature`s own ice rink:
There is something magical about skating in the darkness of winter, with clear starry skies as lighting and the music of the ice under your feet.
If you would rather stand on natural ice, there are several small lakes that are easily accessible along the road. It is especially early in the season before the snow comes there is a chance to skate on the mountain lakes.
Be aware that it is very important to have experience and knowledge of the ice you are going out on. Do not go on a trip or activity on the ice alone! Always bring the right safety equipment when you try for the first time, and check along the way.

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