Hundekjøring vårtur

Dogsledding– Run your own dog team


Man's best friend!

Experience nature with man's best friend! In the heart of the National Park Village, Geilo, you can experience running your own team with some of Norway's liveliest Alaskan huskies. Dogsledding is a perfect family activity and can also be facilitated for the disabled. Everyone is welcome here! Geilo Husky only uses professional dog handlers, who happily share their story and the real dog life.

Dogsledding is very popular, so if you want to participate, we recommend that you book in advance. Geilo Husky offers various tours, from 5 km to day trips. Below, you can read more about the different tours you can join. Contact information, Geilo Husky

Dogsledding tours: 

A taste of dogsledding, 5 km (Dec-March)

For a Taste of Dogsledding, you get to drive your own dog team for 5 km/25 min on the Ustedalsfjorden lake. Here, you receive instructions from experienced dogsledders before you can try to control your own dog team. After the trip, it's time for dog cuddles and a nice time around the fire at the Geilo Husky camp. At the Geilo Husky camp, you will be served hot drinks and a taste of local food. This trip is perfect for the whole family and takes about an hour for the whole experience..

Dogsledding extra, 10 km (Dec-March)

Do you want more time with the dog team? Dogsledding Extra is the same as a Taste of Dogsledding, but you have more time to enjoy yourself behind the sled. You can lead the dog team for 40-50 minutes on the Ustedalsfjorden lake. First, you get instructions from professional dogsledders, and then you can lead the sled yourself for 10 km/40-50 minutes, or change with your passenger halfway on the trip. After the trip, you will also have a good time at the Geilo Husky camp around the fire, with something good to drink and a taste of local food.

Dogsledding - Extra
08 Dec - 26 Mar

Dogsledding - Extra

10 km - Drive your own team of huskies 40-50 min trip on the frozen lake in the middle of Geilo.

Dogsledding - a taster
16 Dec - 31 Mar

Dogsledding - a taster

5 km - Drive your own team of huskies 20-25 min trip on the frozen lake in the middle of Geilo.

Dogsledding spring trip: 

From April, the dogs move up to the Hardangervidda plateau, more specifically, at Halne Fjellstugu. Here you get the opportunity to experience the best of the Hardangervidda plateau and the high mountains with the dog team. A real spring adventure!

Longer trips with a dog team: 

Do you want a longer experience with dogs? Geilo Husky also conducts half, full, and multi-day trips. Here, we can really say that you get an insight into a real dogsledder’s life with the dogs. You can read more about the tours here. Dogsledding is also well-suited for the disabled. Geilo Husky has extensive experience in facilitating so everyone has the opportunity to get out into nature, and get the same amount of attention from their hairy friends.


Practical Tips and Advice for Dogsledding: 


Normal winter clothing is great for dog sledding. Sturdy winter shoes, preferably with a firm sole (not Moon Boots), warm hat and gloves/mittens. If it snows, we recommend ski goggles/sunglasses to protect the eyes. 

Security and Insurance

Geilo Husky gives instructions to all guests before the trip, and there is always an experienced dogsledder/guide with guests on the first sled. Dogsledding is not a high-risk activity, but if one is unlucky, then an accident can also occur as in all other activities. Geilo Husky has insurance for accidents, but it is strongly recommended that all guests also have their own travel insurance.

Quality is Important 

The authentic experience is what Geilo Husky wants to convey. All the dogsledders who work for Geilo Husky are experienced and all the dogs are trained for competitions and expeditions - no one has dogs just to drive tourists. Dog welfare and that the dogs are happy is always the highest priority. Knowledge and dissemination of proper dog care, competitions, expeditions and how this is a lifestyle, is a big part of the experience, together with beautiful nature and happy dogs!