Brevandring på Hardangerjøkulen

Glacier tour on Hardangerjøkulen


Explore Norway`s sixth largest glacier!

An unfortgettable experience together with professional guides from Jøklagutane. 

Glacier tour on Hardangerjøkulen is arranged by Jøklagutane and is available from the beginning of July until the snow settles in September. There are normally daily trips during the summer season with attendance at Finse trainstation which is located along the Oslo/Bergen railway. You only get to Finse by train and the glacier tours is always set up after the train times and ensures that you are back so you can make the journey home by train.

The trip lasts for 6-7 hours with a distance of 15-17 km and goes in hilly high mountain terrain mostly outside the marked DNT trail.

The glacier tour is guided by experienced glacier guides, and on the hike up to the glacier there are a few stops where you get knowledge about the area and the glacier's long history. At the foot of the glacier you normally have a lunch break before you are handed out and put on all the necessary equipment to step on the spectacular glacier with the rope layer.

Facts about Hardangerjøkulen

Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in Norway and is located just north of the Hardangervidda in Hordaland. The glacier has an area of ​​about 73 km² and the highest point at 1863 meter above sea level. Hardangerjøkulen has several glacier arms, where Blåisen, Midtdalsbreen and Rembesdalskåka are the most famous.

Did you know?

  • Midtdalen was used, among other things, for the recording of Star Wars episode V: "The Empire strikes back like the ice planet Hoth"
  • The Germans tried to build an airport on Hardangerjøkulen during World War II? You can hear more about all this on a trip with Jøklagutane.

A magical paddle experience with views of mountans and glaciers.