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Stand up paddle board

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle, but it is often called paddleboard. SUP can be rented centrally at Geilo, and you can enjoy a wonderful paddling tour on Ustedalsfjorden eller Veslefjorden. Good for both body and soul!

Supping in Geilo

Fun for all ages!

Stand Up Padleboard, or SUP have recently become a very popular activity, which is fun and suitable for all ages.

SUP has its roots from Hawaii - unlike surfboards where you wait for the waves, you stand on the board and paddle forward on the water. Explore Ustedalsfjorden or Veslefjorden on the board with family and or friends! Dagali Fjellpark offers rental for 2 hours, where the boards are picked up at Vestlia Resort, together with paddles and life jackets. From here it is only a short walk down to the water, and you have the enitre Ustedalsfjorden and Veslefjorden as your playground. som din lekeplass! SUP is suitable for both young and old, even dogs enjoy paddling! 

Rent SUP

With the right paddling technique, SUP is very good exercise for balance and the whole body.

If you are unsure, we recommend looking up paddling techniques on Youtube, but we have collected some simple tips here:

  • Keep your arms straight and focus on paddling with your upper body strength.
  • The whole oar must go down and try to keep the oar vertically in the water.
  • If you fall off the board, no worries - it's easy to get back up for another try.

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