Actiontour Dryland

Come with Sissel and the hounds for a trainingtour in beautiful autumcolours


Duration: 2 hours in total, around 1 hour of dog sledding and the rest of the time is spent preparing the dogs, reviewing the driving technique, taking pictures if you want and lots and lots of fun with the dogs.

Number: 4 guests per trip

Clothing: Windproof and preferably rainproof jacket, windproof trousers, warm boots, hat, windproof gloves / mittens, wool underwear and wool socks. A neck / buff is more practical than a scarf, and glasses that protect against wind, rain or gravel are nice to wear. The clothes often get a little dirty during an autumn trip, it is recommended to wear clothes that can withstand being outside in all kinds of weather.

Age limit: The lower age limit is 4 years, and children are considered between 4-14 years. From the age of 14 you are considered an adult and from the age of 14 you will have the opportunity to drive the dog carrier carriage. We have a higher age limit here due to the dogs having a higher speed than the huskies.

Meeting point: Is in Skurdalen, about 15min by car from Geilo. Meeting place can vary in terms of hunting and weather.

Contact information: [email protected] or 924 66 920 (preferably sms). We are a tiny company with 2 mushers who have care and training of the dogs in the first place, but we try to be as accessible as possible.

Sissel and the dogs are preparing for the winter medium-distance races with open field trips in the beautiful Skurdalen, and we invite you to participate in the trip and training of the dogs. Here you get to join in the preparation of the dogs, a review of how to drive a cart and the trip itself of course. Sissel is on the national team in dog sledding and has been in Norgestoppen for a few years now. Her dogs are of the faster type, so this trip has a little more speed and excitement than the 3 hour trip with Ivar's huskies. The dogs are in training during that period, so the number of trips we hold is limited and with few participants.


We can not complete the trip if it is warmer than 12 degrees due to the dogs' welfare. If you book a trip in September, be aware that the trip may be postponed or canceled, while October is a safer month for completing the trip. We drive even if it is raining and / or foggy. Feel free to follow before the trip and dress according to the weather and your own preferences. If we as the organizer have to cancel the trip, you will be refunded the amount. If you as a guest cancel, the booking conditions for Geilo Booking apply. You can find this information under Booking Terms on's website or contact Geilo Booking directly.

Do you have your own birddog or hound? With us, your own dog can be tried in large teams. Contact [email protected] for more info and appointment.

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